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  • R5.0 Alpha 7 Released!

    Alpha 7 is now available via the Downloads link.  It’s a massive release with a new admin console look, new features and new extensions and services (previously known as redirects).  We’ll be posting some tutorials that show off the new features over the coming weeks…

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    I’m currently working on subscriptions and it’s given me a chance to finally firm up how this will work (as the SNP 3.0 specification is vague on it). A subscription request takes the form: subscribe?[filter][subscriber][password] Filter is an optional list of application signatures to subscribe to, with the default being all if it’s not supplied.Read more about Forwarding […]

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  • Massive R5.0 Update!

    R5.0 is seriously taking shape – thanks in no small way to just how easy it is to create complex applications in C#! Just some of what’s currently in and working: Transports:  Not yet, but you’ll soon be able to roll your own network transports to go along with the various built-in ones.  And, soRead more about Massive R5.0 Update![…]

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    Extensions development is now underway.  Extensions have been a part of Snarl since the very early days and have developed a lot over time. R5.0 takes a slightly different approach (Snarl registers them based on the information they provide) but the general concept is the same. Some screenshots:

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  • SNP documentation

    Snarl R5.0 will support all variations of SNP, and I’ve taken the opportunity to refresh the various documentation that covers the different versions. First up is SNP 1 here: You can also read up on the basics of SNP here:

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