Snarl 2.6 Alpha 3 is now available for download.  The key updates are listed below or you can see the full-blown change log for everything that’s happened since Alpha 2:

  • Redirectors and now known simply as Redirects;
  • Improved command-line functionality;
  • Re-implemented some legacy functionality which is used – for example – by the snarlm.exe tool;
  • Can install packed Runnable styles (.rsz extension) and packed Scripted styles (.ssz extension) by dropping them on Snarl’s preferences, double-clicking them, or passing them as an command-line argument to snarl.exe;
  • Included possible fix for Snarl crash when processing an incoming GrowlNet (UDP) packet on 64-bit Windows;
  • Notification Centre:
    • now closes automatically when last item is removed;
    • has configurable colours;
    • is organised in reverse date order (most recent at the top) and grouped by sending application;
    • headers collapse and expand when double-clicked;
  • Many bug fixes, cosmetic enhancements and other tweaks.


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