Snarl 2.6 Alpha 4 is now available from SourceForge.  Changes and improvements are as follows:

  • NEW: Included new Snarl Framework 2.6 library.
  • NEW: Included slightly revised Meter style engine which contains a slightly modified Corporate style (V1.1).
  • FIXED: Removing items from the Notification Centre now removes them from the missed list.
  • FIXED: Full-screen detection would sometimes incorrectly pick the Windows desktop as a full-screen app.
  • FIXED: Numerous memory leaks to do with storing icons in PNG format.
  • NEW: Can now unload failed extensions via the Panel UI.
  • FIXED: Crash which would occur when processing an invalid icon file.
  • NEW: App-Cache icon folder is now under %APPDATA% rather than the program folder.
  • FIXED: SNP2.0 human-readable result codes are now returned in uppercase as per the specification.
  • NEW: GNTP transport handler now supports Snarl-specific header “X-Response-Redacted” which uses a GNTP boolean value. If this header is set to “True”, any GNTP response will exclude information about the computer and operating system in the response.
  • NEW: GNTP transport handler now supports Snarl-specific header “X-Notification-Duration” which requires a GNTP integer value. If this header is provided, the value supplied will be used as the notification’s duration (in seconds).
  • FIXED: The “Use same settings for all classes?” toggle in the Class Configuration panel was not setting its state correctly when the panel opens.
  • NEW: Can now supply “log” value in <AddClass> request. Values can be either “0” (which disables logging of notifications generates using the class) or “1” (which enables logging). Default is “1”.
  • NEW: Reinstated sending of SNARL_NOTIFY_INVOKED event when no dynamic callback is assigned to ensure backwards compatability with applications is maintained.
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