What’s your router up to?  Who’s nosing around your firewall?  What’s your Linux VM saying about itself?  You can find all of this out using syslogd!  syslogd receives syslog events and forwards them on to Snarl so you can stay informed about what’s going on around you.   Read more about syslogd here Read more…


eventlogd is a simple Command Line daemon that monitors changes in the local computer’s Application, System and Security logs and forwards new events to Snarl. Read more and download here.  


Filemaker Snarl Created by Michael Gaslowitz Send Snarl notifications on Filemaker events like create, delete or error. [button link=”” color=”silver” newwindow=”yes”] Website[/button]     IdleMailCheck Created by Justin David Ribeiro A proof of concept script that uses Mail::IMAPClient IDLE support, a Perl socket, and Snarl to display new mail notifications to the Read more…


Forwards the events (Windows logfiles) to Snarl, both local and using the network. Every event log gets it’s own alert class within Snarl and can be styled differently.  You can run multiple instances on several remote machines all reporting to your one single client computer. Download here. Details here.