A Windows Event Log Daemon for Snarl

eventlogd reads the latest entry from the local machine’s Application, System and Security logs and forwards it on to Snarl.


Current release: R0.7 Alpha 21 (SourceForge)


To install, unzip and copy the contents into a suitable folder.  Note that you must also have the .net 4.0 Framework installed as well.


To launch, open a Command Prompt and navigate to the folder you copied eventlogd.exe into.  Then run eventlogd using:

c:> eventlogd.exe


Eventlogd will open the local computer’s Application, System and Security logs.  You must ensure you have the correct permissions to read these logs.  For example, access to the Security log usually requires local Administrator permissions.  If you have issues opening the Security log, try launching Command Prompt as an Administrator.

eventlogd running