A Syslog Daemon for Snarl

What’s your router up to?  Who’s nosing around your firewall?  What’s your Linux VM saying about itself?  You can find all of this out using syslogd!  syslogd receives syslog events and forwards them on to Snarl so you can stay informed about what’s going on around you.


Get the latest release of syslog from SourceForge


To install, unzip into a suitable folder.  Note that you must also have the .net 4.0 Framework installed as well.


To launch, open a Command Prompt and navigate to the folder you extracted the zip into.  Then run syslogd using:

c:> syslogd.exe


  • syslogd uses UDP Port 514 to receive notifications.  If you have another syslog daemon or service running on the computer, syslogd will not be able to access the port
  • You will also need to point syslog sources to the IP address or host name of the machine you’re running syslogd on – how this is done varies on a device-by-device basis – check the device’s manuals for more details
  • Listening on a port may require elevated permissions.  If you have issues running syslogd, try launching Command Prompt as an Administrator