Developer Guide

This is the starting point if you’re setting out on developing for Snarl.  Snarl provides extensive support for all sorts of different languages (we tend to prefer VB6, Python and C# but we’re weird like that) and platforms.

Current Developer Guide

New Developer Guide (work in progress)

API Reference

Notification Guidelines

Hello, devs!


Simple tutorials that explains how specific features work, and get you up and running quickly.

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Thoughts and ideas about how Snarl could be used to further human development, reduce global conflict, or possibly just keep up with sports scores.

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Snarl Framework

A drop-in COM-based framework that you can use in VB6, .net and other platforms which support COM.

Note that a version of the framework specifically for .net is currently in development – you can read the user guide here.

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Net Redirect

What to be able to create notification redirects using .net?  Here’s how you do just that.

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Snarl Notification Protocol

The Snarl Notification Protocol is a cross-platform protocol used to transmit notifications between computers on the same network.

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Read more (and contribute) to SNP 4.0, the next iteration of this protocol.

Creating AddOns

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Submitting Patches

At the moment we have no formal method of accepting patches to the Snarl codebase.  However, if you’d like to submit a patch, in the first instance raise a request on the developer forum and we’ll guide you through the process.

Source Code

The source code for Snarl is hosted on Github.  This link will take you to the landing page which allows you to browse the source tree and provides instructions on how to check the source code out.

Developer Forum

The developer forum is focussed on supporting developers adding Snarl support to their applications.  Registration is required to view and post to this forum.