Use .net to send notifications…

Snarl is highly extensible – you can write extensions which act as sources of events that generate notifications and you can write styles to display the notifications themselves.  Of the latter, styles are grouped (more or less) into two distinct categories – displays and redirects.

Displays – as the name suggests – present the notification content on-screen; redirects – again, as the name suggests – send the notification content elsewhere, like to a smartphone, via email, or even to fancy hardware.

Until now, you’ve needed some pretty hefty .net COM code to create redirects  in anything other than VB6.  This now changes with the new Net Redirect style engine.

This style engine bridges the gap between Snarl and COM and the modern world of .net.  All you need to create a Net Redirect component is a tiny bit of code, and an icon.

What next?

You’ll probably want to read a bit more about creating a Net Redirect component, then review the API itself.  Better still, this tutorial will guide you through the process of creating your own redirect.