Do you support anything other than Windows?

Snarl itself only works on Windows operating systems, however you can send notifications to Snarl from almost any operating system, and you can even receive notifications to a degree on MacOS and Linux.

Is Snarl free?

Snarl is free to download and use for both personal and enterprise, however it comes with no support package other than the Issue Tracker.  We can offer more tailored support packages for a fee Рget in touch with us to discuss.

Help and Support

User Guide

Coming soon…

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is maintained on our GitHub Issue Tracker – just search for anything starting with “KB:” or use this handy filter.

Issues and Queries

Problem tickets, feature requests and general queries are hosted on our GitHub Issue Tracker.

Older Versions

Release 3

This is no longer in development, however you can download the final build (Snarl 3.1) here.