Why Snarl?

With the advent of Smartphones and Cloud services, it’s now easier than ever to keep up to date with events within the world.  Whether these are very localised events like receiving a text message from a family member, global events like receiving an alert from a 24/7 news feed, or anywhere in between – there is always something happening.

While it’s now very easy to be notified, it’s also getting harder to not be notified, or at least to control how you are notified.  So: we want people to be connected, but still empowered to define how they are connected, and to what extent external influences have over their lives.

We want to achieve this by developing a platform that unifies applications which generate notifications with the services that consume them.  Snarl then acts as a central hub, concentrating the incoming notifications and letting you decide how best you want to receive them.

We also want you to be secure: in a world of cloud-based information, we feel managing these notifications from a hub that you run on your home PC protects you more than sending them to an anonymous hosting company.

Most of all, we want to see how you use Snarl.  You might want to get weather alerts and football updates, or you might want to be able to protect and communicate with your workforce.  Consider Snarl a blank canvas: and we can’t wait to see what you do with it…