Release 1.0 debuted on 27 September 2005.  It required Melon 3.0 or later – which was a separate download at the time.  It’s system version number was 35 (indicated by the version property of the Snarl executable being 1.0.35).

This was the first version to feature rounded notifications, however they were still of a fixed size and could only be invoked or left to expire.

There was no tray icon so the user had to rely on the CTRL+F10 shortcut to open the preferences window, and this was little more than a list showing which applications had registered with Snarl.  R1.0 shipped with SnarlClock, which was a standalone application at the time.

The screenshot below shows R1.0 running in Windows 2000 VM with Snarl’s user interface, SnarlClock’s user interface, and the current time and date as a notification all visible:


R1.1 followed fairly quickly after R1.0, being released on 29 October 2005.  The various version strings are all set to “1.1.4”, although it was still known internally as V36.

There was little overall external difference between R1.0 and R1.1 – the main changes being within the API. R1.1 also included SnarlTunes (again, a separate application) which generated notifications when the current playing song in iTunes changed.  Of note, the included documentation was never updated and thus still referred to R1.0.

The following screenshot is taken from a Windows 2000 VM running R1.1.4.  Snarl’s user interface and information notification are both visible:


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