Metro 2.0

I’d intended for this to be included with Snarl 3.0 but it just didn’t quite make the deadline.  It will now feature in Snarl 3.0.2, which is due out shortly.  The original Metro style hasn’t aged well (in my opinion, at least) so I felt it was due for a refresh. I’ve also been looking for a style which would blend well with Windows 8 so, coupled with the appropriate name of this style, it all just came together perfectly.

The style is fixed width and variable height.  The title is always displayed in uppercase and all text (and the meter) is fixed to white.  The icon will be drawn as 32×32 pixels.  The title, text and meter are centered vertically within the notification.  If there’s no icon, the content will fill the notification, otherwise it’s offset.  Icon is always drawn on the left.

This style now supports the V42 model which means it now supports tinting.  If tinting is specified, the tint colour is used to draw the background with, otherwise the scheme colour is used.  If the notification is a high priority one, the background is always drawn as red.  There is a faint white border drawn around the edge of the notification.

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