Media Player Classic is a nifty little media player – fantastic on functionality and light on load.  Best of all – thanks to Pako, it now supports Snarl!

Pako has done a great job – not only has he created a Snarl extension in .net and connected to the Snarl Framework to generate the notifications, he’s also had to wait until the MPC-HC guys fixed a bug which was causing him some major problems.

Installation is very straightforward but here’s a quick run-through if, like me, you’re a bit thick and don’t read the instructions first time.  Please note you must be running a Snarl 2.6 or Snarl 3.0 beta:

  1. Download and install MPC-HC V1.6.3.  You will need this version at least as it fixes the bug mentioned above.
  2. Download and install Pako’s Snarl extension, make sure neither MPC nor Snarl are running at this point.
  3. Launch Snarl and MPC-HC

 If everything’s gone ok, you should receive notifications from MPC-HC as soon as a song starts playing.  There’s a whole bunch of other events which Pako’s extension exposes too!

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