The following are either mock-ups or hand-crafted images using notifications generated by Snarl.  They would have been used as publicity shots, or to show current progress.


A publicity shot of R1.6 in March 2007.

The notification is genuine (SnarlClock showing an hourly reminder); the desktop icons will have been hidden and the taskbar cropped from the final screenshot.  The modified Snarl logo (with the “Snarl” typeface) makes an early appearance as well.  At the time there was little application support for Snarl so creating useful screenshots was very limited.  Consequently, many of the screenshots from this period are either mockups or created using faked notifications.

A concept shot using R1.6 to demonstrate what Snarl could do with the right programming behind it.  The notifications are genuine in that they’re actually generated using Snarl; the content however is manufactured.



Release 2.0 brought with it both styles and variable size notifications.  This was a significant development at the time and this demonstration shot shows off two different styles.