Release 1.5 Beta 1 shipped on 29 August 2006 and featured a number of significant improvements over previous releases.  Firstly, it included Melon 3.0 as part of the installation process – something much welcomed by frustrated users.   It also featured a tray icon for the first time, doing away with the need to remember a hotkey combination.

From a functionality perspective, notifications could be displayed in one of four levels of transparency and the starting position for notifications could be changed to one of the four screen corners.

Unusually, R1.5 had no settings panel, with all functionality being driven from the tray menu.  While flexible and innovative, in the end R1.5 never made it past the Beta stage, being replaced with R1.6 and the preferences panel that’s still in use today.

The following screenshots (dated 26 July 2006) appear to show an earlier version of 1.5, although it’s not marked as a Beta.  The notifications are rectangular rather than rounded and the menu is powered by the full openmenu Melon component as opposed to the lightweight version.



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