Release 3.1 continues to progress, although I’m trying to devote more time to improving SysInfo and snaRSS as these are generating more support tickets than anything else right now.  One notable change in 3.1 is that system-provided menus now supply the “Snarl Apps” and notification actions pop-up.  This used to be the case but I didn’t have the ability to include icons in these menus so I created the pop-up windows instead.

Anyhow, thanks to the new 2.0 release of menu.library, icons are now available in menus so the pop-up windows are gone and we have this instead:

Icons in menus?  Who'd have thought it...

The actions menus now contains different icon types as well, these are generated based on the type of content included in the action.  Separators are also available for the first time.

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