eggShell is my enduring project.  It started life as a spin-off to my Cloud:9ine Shell around 1999 and has trundled along ever since in various guises.  I never lost faith however, and I constantly find myself thinking “you know, an eggShell plugin to do that would be great”.

This is eggShell Concept 75 – an arbitrary name that is meant to sum-up the amount of time (it feels like years) it’s been in development.  I really hope this version will see the light of day and gain acceptance in the wider community.  A few things have changed over time; here’s a quick round-up:

  • It’s not actually a shell.  At least, not yet.  I’m not sure what the current perception of shell replacement is within the Windows community.  Each major Windows release brings with it new challenges for would-be third-party shell developers so my current view is – leave it to the big boys to sort out.
  • Plugins are now scripts.  And they’re very cool.  Each plugin must build itself off a pre-defined control (there are two such controls in the various screenshots below: a button and a toolbar) or it can simply define a custom control and take charge of all the drawing and interaction – it’s down to the developer to decide how much effort they want to expend.
  • It’s currently very simplistic.  But it works (these shots are from an actual running installation; not a mock-up), and the basic concept is taking shape now and starting to firm up well.

So, here are some screenshots to support what I’m talking about, and here’s a link to the download.


The eggLauncher and two eggButton plugins loaded up.  The eggLauncher buttons open My Computer, Control Panel, Task Manager and Command Prompt respectively; the eggButton plugin does very little (it just counts up every time you click it) for now.

As above, but now ‘docked’ at the right of the screen and in a different colour.

Floating in the middle of the screen with the two eggButton plugins removed.

The fully functional (but slightly limited) menu.

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