Throw away your mince pies and bedsocks because this…

…is Snarl 4.0 5.0.


when stuff_happens() 

And it’s as simple as that.  Pick a source event; pick an action and you’re all set.  Own a Blink(1)?  Have it flash red when a new email arrives.  Own an iOS device?  Get notified via Prowl when someone logs onto your server.  The list goes on…


Web-based management

Snarl is now managed from within a browser.  Any browser.  On any device on the network.  Configure Snarl from the comfort of your armchair using you smartphone, tablet, laptop, whatever…



Extensions and Style Engines can now supply HTML-based settings so they can be configured from within a browser just like the rest of Snarl.


Rock-solid performance

Fewer external libraries and general trimming down across the board makes Snarl 4.0 leaner, faster and more stable than previous releases.

Designed for industry

Snarl can now be managed remotely using either the built-in web-based administration server, or the Administration Console which offers more granular and lower-level control.  The centralised administrative settings have been further enhanced as well.



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