So, you’ve downloaded Snarl R5.0 and you might be wondering how the new Rules feature works.  Well, this tutorial will get you up and running quickly with a simple one!  We’re going to have our computer tell us the time on the hour…

First, make sure Snarl’s running and you have the admin console open (right click the Snarl tray icon and click Settings…).

Next, select Rules from the top menu bar, and click on New Rule…

create rule 1a

Snarl will tell you its creating a new rule and then it will switch to the source selection page (you can always change the source afterwards):

create rule 2a

Scroll down until you see Hourly Chime and select “It’s something-o’clock“:

create rule 3a

Snarl will save the source and take you to the Edit Rule page.  Here, click on (action not set):

create rule 5

You’ll be presented with a list of Services that Snarl can use.  Scroll down to “Say” and click on the “Default” entry.  Snarl will update the rule as follows:

create rule 5a

Congratulations!  Your rule is now complete.  If you go back to the Rules page (click Rules in the top menu bar) you should see it listed:

create rule 6a

The next time Snarl notifies you that it’s the hour, you should also hear your computer speak it!

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