To Start…

Log in to Instapush and head to your Dashboard.  Once there, click on the Apps tab.

Step 1: Create an Application

This tutorial assumes you’re creating a new application called “Llama” – you can give it a different name, of course, or you can use an existing application.

Click +Add Application, enter “Llama” as the application title, and click Add Application.  You should see it appear in your dashboard, as follows:

Step 2: Create an Event

You must have at least one event for Snarl to use, although you can create as many as you like.  Events include ‘trackers’ and a template message which combines the contents of each ‘tracker’ into the final notification.

Select the ‘Llama’ application and click the +Add Events button:

As you can see, we’ve called the event ‘Llamatron’ (this is significant, as we’ll see later), and we’ve created two trackers: title and text, which both appear in the push message.

Click Add Event to save the event.

Step 3: Gathering the information

Select the ‘Llama’ application in the Instapush dashboard and click on the Basic Info tab:

Make a note of both the Application ID and Application Secret values.

Step 4: Configuring Snarl

You now have everything you need from Instapush, so switch to Snarl and navigate to the Instapush service (Home > Services > Instapush)

At the Instapush Settings page, click [ Settings ] and then click Add new scheme… , then enter the following:

  • Name: Llama
  • App Id: the Application ID from Step 3
  • App Secret: the Application Secret from Step 3
  • Event: Llamatron (or whatever you called it in Step 2)

Click the Submit button to save the details.

Back at the Snarl Instapush Settings page, you should now see a new scheme called ‘Llama’:

Click Test to check everything works ok.  If all is well, you should see a notification similar to this:

If something is wrong, you’ll see a notification similar to this indicating the cause of the error:

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