Now that 5.0 is out, let’s crack on with 5.1 shall we? 😊

There’s quite a bit going on here, but the most important bit to note is we’re using the standard growlnotify tool to generate the notification you can see in the bottom right corner of the Windows VM.  This is all being handled by a GNTP transport plugin that’s external to Snarl – yes, that’s right: 5.1 will finally let you create your own transports for Snarl.

Aside from this, 5.1 also includes a new “any app generates anything” rule source – very useful if you’d like to use Snarl as a notification relay.  I’m using it here to redirect all notifications to snp31server running on the Mac host – you can see the effect of this as Mojave is displaying the same GNTP notification, but sent from Snarl!

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