I’m currently working on subscriptions and it’s given me a chance to finally firm up how this will work (as the SNP 3.0 specification is vague on it).

A subscription request takes the form:


Filter is an optional list of application signatures to subscribe to, with the default being all if it’s not supplied.

Subscriber is an optional friendly name that describes the subscribing machine.

Password is used to secure the subscription.

Of course, all of these are dependent on the system implementing subscriptions.

Once successfully subscribed, Snarl now expects explicit forward packets, which wasn’t the case in previous versions.  These look as follows:




These are displayed by Snarl as if the notification had been created locally, however the subscription name will be visible in the notification’s “details” menu and it will show a suitable emblem on mouse-over that indicates it’s been forwarded.

I’ve created a small demo application – Notification Pump – which I’ll include with Alpha 2.

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