R5.0 is seriously taking shape – thanks in no small way to just how easy it is to create complex applications in C#!

Just some of what’s currently in and working:

  • Transports:  Not yet, but you’ll soon be able to roll your own network transports to go along with the various built-in ones.  And, so far as native transports go, SNP 1.0, SNP 1.1, SNP 2.0, SNP/HTTP and SNP 3.0 are all in and working!  More than that, there is also a rudimentary second version of SNP/HTTP based around a RESTful API approach;
  • Subscriptions:  Snarl accepts subscriptions via SNP 3.0 and will forward any notifications it displays to the subscriber.  Applications can select to receive only notifications from specific applications, or from all applications (except Snarl itself);
  • Rules: basic rule handling is in place;
  • SnarlOSD: the remaining VB component that actually displays notifications on-screen is now more robust;
  • Extensions:  Two are built in right now: an hourly reminder and a disk volume monitor;
  • Documentation: As I start to firm things up, I’m updating documentation as I go.  Some of the documentation (especially that covering the various SNP variations) is a bit out of date or ambiguous, so I’m addressing that at the same time.
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